API Section of Control Panel is almost done!

I can't believe I've almost finished this monstrosity. Source engine RCON, Watch Dog Stats, and our Center Monitor service is now open for beta testing! All control group managers have been granted limit access to all our services. You many access the panel here.

First Post!

When we won, we didnt believe it. Everything just kept getting better, we thought it was going to crash sometime. When Trump loses, the /pol/ tears will sustain me for weeks, maybe even months. I shall descend upon this board like a wolf upon a lamb, and bask in the unending impotent rage that this board will pump out. I will gaze upon the suicide threads and rage posts, and drink deep of their whining. When they actually start livestreaming their own suicides and self-mutilation, Ill know true ecstasy. I dont think my penis will ever be harder than it will be when a million /pol/ tards cry out in itty bitty white boi penis fury simultaneously. Theyll try to convince themselves it was a rigged election. Theyll try to convince themselves that the Jews had pulled a fast one on them. We will riot! They will say. Race war! Day of the rope! they will cry. Time will pass, and they will do nothing because they only talk. They are too cowardly and weak to do anything. But best of all, none of their bitching will balm the pain of knowing that their God Emperor, their hero, will go down in history as an embarrassment, as an amusing footnote at best, as the loud obnoxious asshole who lost to the first WOMAN president. The entire nation KNOWS that Hillary is a literal criminal, that shes practically bathed in the blood of 4 dead Americans, intimidated Bills rape victims into silence, and her administration will surely be mired in constant scandals and ethical breaches. But all this only drives home just how little the American people think of Trump. After all her bullshit, her crimes, her lies, they STILL see Hillary as being superior to Trump. When the denizens of /pol/ come to this realization, they shall know true, soul-crushing, all-encompassing despair. Exquisite shall be their pain. I will look into their eyes and watch their spirit break, and wont reach my climax a moment sooner. r/485075